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Mercedes-Benz Tire Center at Mercedes-Benz of Seattle

At Mercedes-Benz of Seattle, we look forward to talking with customers to learn more about their automotive needs. Our world-class customer service team is available to assist you with your purchase or lease, and you can count on us for all the advice you need for selecting your new Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Once you have the vehicle of your dreams, you will want to keep up with maintenance so that it performs beautifully. This will include making sure that you have the right tires and access to replacements when the time comes. The trained technicians in our tire center are here to help!

The tires on your vehicle need to get you through all your daily driving needs, including slick, wet roads. If they start to wear too much, they may not be as reliable as they used to be. While tires will naturally wear down, there are some things that can lead to premature wear.

Basic Tire Maintenance

To start with, your tires should always be inflated properly. Check all of them, including the spare, every month to ensure that the pressure level matches what the manufacturer suggests on the inside of the driver’s side door. Tires that are not aligned can also lead to them wearing down more quickly than normal. Tire inflation check and corrections are another service to get performed on your tires, as this prevents tires from wearing down in certain spots more than others.

The good news is that we have a professional tire center available at Mercedes-Benz of Seattle where you can get the tires that you need for your vehicle. Even without irregular wear and tear, it is best to think about replacing the tires every five years. The tires should also be inspected by a professional at least once a year to be sure the tread looks healthy.

Our Tire Options in Seattle, WA

Many passenger cars tires will come with a tread depth of about 9/32-inch to 11/32-inch. You will certainly need new tires if your tread gets down to 2/32-inch. As you start to shop around for new tires, whether you have a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe or a Mercedes-Benz GLE, our Mercedes-Benz tire center technicians will help you to find the perfect tires to suit your driving habits and vehicle, whether you are looking for basic all-season tires or the higher-end performance tires, which will ensure better handling and traction in all types of weather.

Why MO Tires ?

Advantages on the Road:

  • Increased Safety
  • Performance and Efficiency
  • Additional Mobility with MOE

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MO Tire Types

Mercedes Original tires come in five distinct types, each crafted for unique compatibility and purpose.