6.5 sec.

Battery capacity

108.4 kWh

Electric range

305 miles

It’s the SUV, reinvented. The electric vehicle, reimagined. Because it doesn’t just excel in how far you can go on a charge. But how far you can go in every sense.


Fascinating, futuristic, and refreshingly familiar

Its range of talents is as impressive as its driving range. Ultramodern tech delivers earth-friendly and family-friendly benefits. It’s an electric SUV like no other, with the Mercedes values you love.


Travel in SPACE comes down to Earth

Room to stretch your imagination.
Spacious for up to seven, the flexible cabin adapts to accommodate your ever-changing life. Over-the-air updates let its advanced technologies and digital assistant become even more advanced.
Depth of knowledge, intelligently surfaced.
The MBUX Hyperscreen in the EQS 580 unites multiple screens in a 56-inch span of high-tech glass. “Zero-layer” tech uses Artificial intelligence to bring features and commands to the surface as you need them. The EQS 450’s intuitive dual screens each span over 12 inches.
Advanced thinking, thoughtful anticipation.
Technology is anything but cold in an EQS. Personalization memorizes hundreds of preferences, recognizes fingerprints and faces, and learns over time. Available 2nd-row touchscreens offer individual entertainment and control of comfort settings.

A watchful eye on your future.

Hundreds of sensors team up to keep watch on the road and other vehicles, to help prevent or prepare for danger from ahead, behind or either side. After you park, it can remind you if there’s a pet or child in the vehicle, and take photos if the EQS is bumped by another car.


Timeless elegance POLISHED to a new brilliance

Pure luxury, made purer.
The drive for a freer-breathing future starts inside the EQS SUV. Beyond up to five available climate zones, you can enjoy HEPA filtration or a symphony of seat comfort, sound, aroma and ambient light. You can even pre-purify the cabin while the car charges.
Surround sound, more enveloping.
The quiet comfort of electric motoring provides an ideal state for the EQ Sound Experience, which makes the most of the Burmester® (*Burmester is a registered trademark of Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH, Berlin, Germany) 3D Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos® enhancement. Soundscapes can be personalized and respond to drive mode and your driving style.
Three rows, more accommodating.
Welcome to first cabin. Heated and ventilated front seats offer massage options. The power second row can be outfitted with wireless charging and a removable tablet in the armrest. Fold down all the rear seats, optional third row included, for over 70 cubic feet of cargo space.

POISED to take you new places

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Models lineup

EQS 450+ SUV

MSRP $104,400

  • Acceleration 0-60 mph 6.5 sec
  • Battery capacity 108.4 kWh
  • Electric range 305 miles


MSRP $107,400

  • Acceleration 0-60 mph 5.8 sec
  • Battery capacity 108.4 kWh
  • Electric range 285 miles


MSRP $125,950

  • Acceleration 0-60 mph 4.5 sec
  • Battery capacity 108.4 kWh
  • Electric range 285 miles