What Does “Sensual Purity” Mean?

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You don’t become the most popular luxury vehicle brand on the market today by playing it safe. That’s why Mercedes-Benz is always pushing the envelope when it comes to style and design. Their latest design venture is called Sensual Purity, which is a design philosophy that expresses modern luxury. The design code behind Sensual Purity involves six guidelines that come together to form one visually appealing vehicle that evokes emotion in drivers and onlookers alike.

Unexpected Moments in Sensual Purity

Unexpected Moments – Creating highly emotive experiences and positive elements of surprise allow the Mercedes-Benz designers to reach the unique sensual appeal of its drivers.
Stimulating Contrast in Sensual Purity

Stimulating Contrast – Mercedes-Benz believes that emotion and intelligence are the poles of stimulating contrast, and seeking the harmony between them is a great way to bring out a sense of bipolarity.
Stunning Proportions in Sensual Purity

Stunning Proportions – A great design features impressive proportions because impressive proportions help to give expression to energy, harmony, and coherence. Mercedes-Benz uses this to their advantage by creating a product that leaves a lasting impression upon first glance.
Freeform and Geometry in Sensual Purity

Freeform and Geometry – Clear, comprehensible shapes are at the core of Mercedes-Benz styling and are complimented by sensual, sculpted surfaces. Freeform and Geometry is the expression of those surfaces.
Significant Graphics in Sensual Purity

Significant Graphics – Precision, refinement and high-tech comes to life through significant graphics. Existing in refined, precise details that give emphasis to the sculpted shapes, graphics interplay with the sensual forms to create a beautiful display of visual life.
Natural Attraction in Sensual Purity

Natural Attraction – Sculptural, excitingly muscular forms as well as natural appeal, haptic materials, colors and moods all come together to form a natural attraction that heightens the sensual experience.

We believe the best way to fully understand Sensual Purity is to experience it first hand. Stop by Mercedes-Benz of Seattle and take a look at our Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class, which have all gotten the Sensual Purity makeover in recent years. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about these vehicles and their design aesthetics, as well as discuss lease or financing options to fit your needs. 

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